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Molds are microscopic fungi that can be found almost anywhere and can grow on virtually any organic substance as long as moisture and oxygen are present. They are a common component in household and workplace dust. When conditions are such that mold spores reproduce in huge quantities, or if the mold is a variety that produces toxic substances called mycotoxins, they become a potential health hazard to humans. A plethora of health issues can be attributed to mold allergen sensitivity and overexposure. These range from cough, runny nose, congestion and asthma symptoms, to sleep disorders, depression and memory loss. Prolonged exposure can be particularly harmful.

A comprehensive investigation is required to identify all sources of mold, with a focus on all areas where excess moisture accumulates. A thorough examination of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system and plumbing system is required, as well as a complete inspection of the interior and exterior structure and complete analysis of moisture levels throughout the structure.

DCI's remediation methods are state-of-the-art, with every effort being made to isolate contaminated areas and protect occupants while abatement is being completed. We employ the most efficient and expedient methods available for containment and complete eradication of mold, and ultimately restore the space back to its original healthy condition. 

The mold remediation experts at DCI will:

  1. Identify all sources of mold growth.
  2. Design a plan of action, including repairs to faulty systems, full abatement of mold and spores, safe removal of all contaminated materials, and necessary repairs to abated area.
  3. Complete the remediation project with minimal disruption to occupants and day-to-day operations.

Mold Remediation